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This time I only gonna send you a message in English, because there is so much work to do and we want to give you as much options as possible.

The last two days my team and I worked so hard to give you your gym, but then on a digital kind of way! Our instructors made some really cool workouts in their living room. We made a channel for these video’s so you can do these workouts in your own living room or garden. Be creative 😉

If you have a membership you received the link to this hidden youtube playlist for free. When you don’t have a membership we offer you the option to sign up for a lesson in our schedule (there’s only one available right now, on Wednesday but we I’ll add more options) and pay only 2 credits for this link. We keep adding workouts but you only have to pay once. We ask you a small amount so we have some budget for our instructors to make some more video’s. If you don’ have valid credits on your account you can also choose the option to pay €12,50 once or use our special offer! And if you’re not a member of RDAM GYM, you can also join by signing up with this direct link to our webshop.

To help us a little in these financial hard times we added a special offer in our webshop, for your credits during these 3 weeks. You can buy your ‘I OWE YOU CREDITS’ for 85 euro and you will get 24 credits instead of 20 and the credits are valid for 20 weeks!

We are still working hard on new options as workout schedules and live lessons but unfortunately there are only 24 hours in one day!

I wish you all the luck you need right now and I hope you’ll join our online program!

See you soon,
Stefana Boot


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