At RDAM GYM you can choose to buy a certain amount of workout credits or a short-term plan. We care about flexibility and quality!

Want to schedule a trial workout? No problem. On Trainin you can schedule your desired free trial workout. Need some help with signing up? Contact us here.

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RDAM GYM works on a credit system, one 30 minute workout is equivalent to 1 credit, and one 60 minute workout is equivalent to 2 credits. After payments your credits will automatically be updated in your Trainin account:

  • 10 – entries €89,- (valid 15 weeks)
  • 5 – entries €52,50 (valid 7 weeks)
  • 1 – entry €11,50 (valid 2 weeks)

Want to get started with at RDAM GYM? Register your account here. During this process you will also set up your Trainin account. You credits will automatically be added to your account after purchase.

Have any questions or want to book a free trial workout? Feel free to email us at: info@rdamgym.nl or call +316 30 83 21 38. It’s also possible to book your free trial on Trainin.

4 Weeks membership, 4 weeks notice period:

  • once a week/ 2 credits a week € 32,50
  • two times a week/ 4 credits a week € 49,50
  • three times a week/ 6 credits a week € 52,50
  • four times a week/ 8 credits a week €57,50
  • unlimited € 65,-

One year membership, can be canceled each four weeks after one year:

  • once a week/ 2 credits a week € 30,00
  • two times a week/ 4 credits a week € 47,50
  • three times a week/ 6 credits a week € 50,00
  • four times a week/ 8 credits a week € 55,00
  • unlimited € 65,50

Want to register your Trainin account? You can do so here.

Are you an employee of NN, Robeco or Coolblue? If yes, contact us for special deals.

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Our personal training sessions focus on achieving your desired results using workouts designed specifically for you. Would you like to train alone, or do you like working out with a friend? Either option is available at RDAM GYM. We’re here to help you lose weight, get fit or get ready for that obstacle run. Whatever it is, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goal.


You will be matched with a personal trainer based on your goals. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who are committed to delivering the results you require.  The first step in building this new relationship is to have a conversation with your trainer to determine a plan to meet your goals and talk about any concerns you may have. After that, a realistic timeline will be created and together a schedule will be determined. 

  • Once a week personal training, € 290,- per month
  • Twice a week personal training € 549,- per month
  • Three times a week personal training € 790,- per month.

At least 3 months because we need to have some time to reach your goal! After this you can extend monthly.

Want to get started with personal training? Or have any other questions? Please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Opening hours: May 08
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Right in the heart of Rotterdam you will find RDAM GYM. A type of gym that you are not used to. We’re situated in the old Nationale Nederlanden office right next to Rotterdam Central Station.

RDAM GYM - Weena 505
3013AL Rotterdam